Being tolerant to the intolerant is in fact tolerance at its best
Such a rift (with Rohit) would not have allowed the team to progress
I think it is now a good moment for us to help Jadhav get justice
Keep inspiring and I will give my best till my last breath
Dhoni knows what he needs to do, he cannot be told what to do
We are for development. There'll be no place for separatists & terrorists
In Parliament we should forget about 'paksh-vipaksh' & think about issues
Now India is better than Pakistan. That's why they win matches
I don't think anybody can order that badge off MS Dhoni
Not political nor religious, Lt Col Dhoni sporting his regiment's insignia
BCCI should stand for our country and we should stand for Dhoni
The Indian electorate has voted wisely. Congratulations to Hon. PM Modi
Am convinced you (PM Modi) will strengthen centuries-old India-Russia ties
Great things in store for US-India partnership with the return of PM Modi
Rahul’s offer to resign suicidal
Our only loyalty is to the Constitution and the values enshrined in it
Phir ek baar Modi Sarkar
Congratulations to the winners. But all losers are not losers
All that’s left is to congratulate the BJP & NDA for a stellar performance
Together we will build a strong and inclusive India.
As counting day approaches, I pray for my motherland
Our alliance represents India's diversity & our agenda is India's progress
I'm not worried at all. We will get a full mandate
Keep faith in Congress party, your hard work will not go waste
You cannot criticise them (EC), it was a perfect conduct of elections
1984 Mein Hua To Hua
Milte Hai Log Yahan, Milke Bikharne Ko (On Opposition's shows-of-unity)
Anybody can be the Prime Minister if they have the numbers
Loans are now approved quicker than it takes to go to the bank from home
Only 'gathbandhan' can fight BJP
What's the difference between Pakistan Army and Congress today?
It's okay, 2014 (mandate) was a one-time fluke
Chowkidar Chor Nahi, Pure Hai. Dobara PM Banna Sure Hai
When Rafale comes, our air deterrence will increase manifold
We all are BJP workers and we want the BJP to emerge victorious
Congress gave Indians many slogans but few resources to implement them
Shri Manohar Parrikar was the builder of modern Goa
The nation has lost a true Bharat Ratna in the demise of Manohar Parrikar
Pained to hear about the FOB incident near TOI building in Mumbai
Deeply anguished by the loss of lives due to the foot overbridge accident
It's in my nature to make each one of them pay for every attack
If we plan to hit the target, we hit the target
Let's come together and give the forces our backing
Blood of martyred Jawans will continue to inspire us to eliminate terrorism
It is good to be back in my country
They (Pak) targeted military targets. Escalation has been done by them
Oppn backed armed forces & the Govt. Still, BJP resorted to credit seeking
My appeal to India’s opposition - Let the country speak in one voice
Weapons hit the intended targets & caused the intended damage (in Balakot)
Our air force was ready but it was dark...
I will not let this country bow down
Our Air Force displayed bravery like Lord Hanuman
We’ve entered a whole new paradigm with the Balakot air strike
I thank you Uddhav for having a big heart and resolving our conflicts
Jadhav's custody without consular access should be declared unlawful
We want you (Narendra Modi) to become the PM once again
I'm not afraid to die but I will save the country
I call the CAG 'Chowkidaar Auditor General'
Congress leaders believe in 2 time periods- Before Congress & After Dynasty
I stand by my family
Team India doesn't align with those views (On Rahul & Pandya)
You can wake a sleeping person, not a person who's pretending to be asleep
The 18 Rafale in flyaway condition that UPA wanted - we actually doubled it
(Aus win) is the proudest moment I've experienced in 10 years I've played
World Cup 83, World Championship 85 - Australia win is as big, or bigger
For every AA there's an RV and a Q
People should only vote (for me) if they believe in me
The Congress also needs to be 'Congress-mukt'
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that - 'extra'
Empty-headed Imran Khan is saying things because he has to say something
Pakistan is the last country that should be lecturing anyone on minorities
Had Atalji been re-elected this bridge would have been completed by 2008
Data colonisation is as bad as the older colonialism
My belief is that matters of religion can't be put to judicial review
A lack of historical perspective is causing big damage to India
Some people buy their own propaganda & think that the whole world believes
Surging India - the two words - convey the feelings of 130 crore Indians
Autonomy isn't synonymous with isolationism
The two most powerful warriors are patience and time (- Leo Tolstoy)
Ab toh yeh sure hai, Chowkidaar pure hai
You shouldn't say Narendra Modi ki Jai, you should say Bharat Mata ki Jai
It should have been '281 and beyond and that saved Sourav Ganguly's career'
Congressman, the iPhone is made by a different company
If other states go to polls now, BJP will face miserable defeat
M.P, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan. 'Ram jaane, janta jaane' what's next?
I will do national politics from Hyderabad
Since Goa is a BJP ruled state, I decided to eat beef in celebration
I have offered to repay 100% of the principal amount. Please take it
If you have skills to score & aren't a liability on the field, you can play
Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani ho jayega (on Michel extradition)
The most difficult decisions are often taken with the heaviest of hearts
You were a special talent and had a Gambhir role in our World Cup final win
Don't want to wait for PM Sidhu for India-Pak peace
No bilaterals with Pakistan till terrorism stops
Told Sidhu he has no business hugging this Bajwa character
Has the BJP got sleeper cells in the Congress?
Pehle Mandir, Phir Sarkar (First Mandir, Then Mandate)
It's a tradition in the Congress to lie -- loudly, publicly & repeatedly
With great honour & unalloyed joy I accept your (Pak's) invitation
Once, for 5 years, let a Cong leader outside the family become party chief
I challenge Modi ji to come on stage anywhere, anytime & debate over Rafale
Pakistan does not do a damn thing for us
''What we dream for India is also what we wish for the world"
Pakistan can't even control its four provinces. It doesn't want Kashmir
RBI has responsibility for financial stability & an authority to say no
India's nuclear triad will be an important pillar of world peace, stability
'Mandir Tha, Mandir Hai, Mandir Rahega'
I am going to Ayodhya to tell BJP govt that Ram Temple needs to be built
It is a democratic compulsion to join and protect the country
There is no stopping us from making Ram statue in Ayodhya
I think they should accept that there is naked martial law in Pakistan
Populist measures shouldn't take precedence over national requirements
Ram Janmabhoomi issue isn't about politics; it's about religious sentiments
If we have to become a major power then our economy has to be big
Such cowardice acts will only strengthen my resolve to work for the people
When we already have National anthem then why do we need a National song?
Alliance is not in Congress’ DNA
An alliance is needed to change the country's government
My fear is quick judgments & punishments meted out through trial-by-Twitter
Despite falling short of majority we still formed Goa govt, which was wrong
Govt should bring ordinance to build Ram Mandir. No more politics over it
We have made all arrangements for the devotees to enter Sabarimala
Personal computing would not have existed without Paul Allen
Those opposing Prayagraj don't know history and tradition
Accusation without evidence has become a viral fever among some sections
Accusation without evidence has become a viral fever among some sections
By Accusation without evidence has become a viral fever among some sections
We All Need To Give Courage To Women To Come Out And Speak
If Anyone Has Wronged Even One Woman, Neither ADF Nor I'll Stand For It
I Believe In The Pain And Trauma Behind Every Single Complaint
We need a renaissance in religion
Believe in the pain and trauma behind every single MeToo complaint
Women are scared to speak out as they think people would make fun of them
A public apology for violating my consent will be my closure
If better known women find courage to talk, women down the line feel safe
If Rahul is actually worried for India, he must expel Alpesh
Silence is a bigger crime, urge all victims to speak
My lawyer has asked me not to speak to the media
All proven offenders must be punished & exploited must be empowered
Ayushman Bharat is the world's largest health care program
Naxalism will be eliminated from India in 3 years
Alliance with Congress a 'Democratic Compulsion'
Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated
The tears of a poor man are equal to the tears of a rich man
Justice Dipak Misra
By Justice Dipak Misra
Parting is a sweet sorrow indeed Chief Justice
Ranjan Gogoi
By Ranjan Gogoi
Terror is not coming from far away but from our neighbors
Lord Ram is not a subject of politics
Husband is not the master of a woman
Nobody can stop elections, people of Kashmir will teach Farooq a lesson
I am happy. It is a long-fought case.
Amethi is already lost for Mr Gandhi. He has to look for new pastures
All the allegations levelled by the ED are false and baseless
(NPA) clean up was part of the solution, not the problem
All parties are sharing the same stage & together we're going to defeat BJP
Everyone has right to protest, but petrol pumps & buses being set ablaze?
India & US have endured senseless terror attacks, like in Mumbai 10 yrs ago
Rahul Gandhi inherited a legacy. He is a legal heir of Delhi empire
Section 377 is irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary
Demonetisation's larger purpose was moving India to a tax-compliant society
What's the Chinese connection? You are Rahul Gandhi, not Chinese Gandhi
When we reach Q3 and Q4, the rate of growth may decline
Urban Naxals are the invisible enemies of India
Keep national security above politics
I was just a ground level worker and now I've become the leader of the DMK
Raise your hands and chant 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'
Words, actions and ideology of Rahul Gandhi is a matter of great concern
To me, India's role is to balance China and US