Madhya Pradesh Elections: What Are The Issues Critical To Voters Choosing BJP Or Congress?

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Republic TV and  Jan Ki Baat have tracked the issues and controversies pertaining to the state of Madhya Pradesh, who went on polls on November 28 and drawn an electoral blueprint through a survey that brings to surface the voter mindset for choosing their party-- BJP or Congress. 

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Republic TV and  Jan Ki Baat have tracked the issues and controversies pertaining to the state of Madhya Pradesh, who went on polls on November 28 and drawn an electoral blueprint through a survey that brings to surface the voter mindset for choosing their party-- BJP or Congress. 

Extensive campaigns were conducted by both BJP led by Prime Minister Modi and party president Amit Shah and the Congress Party led by Rahul Gandhi in the State before it went on polls.  

As the contest is mainly between the ruling BJP and the Congress in the central Indian state, Congress is eying to topple the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP government that has been in power in Madhya Pradesh for the past 15 years and bidding to regain its power after 2003. Beside BJP and Congress, Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Akhilesh Yadav's Samajwadi Party are also in the battle to form the government in MP.

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The survey has unfolded some answers:

1. The Congress' manifesto to woo the farmers by vowing to waive off loans up to 2 lakh rupees and the 'salary grant' provision for five years to industries offering jobs to the youth has worked in favour of the Party in the State. 

Whose manifesto was better received by the electorate? 
Congress -55 
BJP -45

2. The question of the rising sentiment of anti-incumbency towards the CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been thriving in the state.  But will this cause a hindrance to the BJP governance that has endured a run of 15-year led by Chouhan?  

Will anti-incumbency be a factor among the Madhya Pradesh electorate? 
Yes -55
NO -45

3. The controversial statement by Congress leader Kamal Nath saying that 'Tribal vote does not make Congress win' possibly might cause the party some trouble, according to the survey 

Has Congress comment on tribal cost them the tribal vote in Madhya Pradesh? 
Yes -55
No -45

4.BJP and alliance- led'Ram Mandir'conversations that have dominated the political spectrum for a while now. But how much of an impact does it hold in Madhya Pradesh? 
Will Ram Mandir be a factor among the electorate?
Yes -20
No -80

5. The Vyapam scam of 2013 that refers to irregularities in exams held by the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board, for admission in professional courses and state services seems to hold very little significance in the state's election plausible result.

Will Vyapam case impact the vote of the electorate?
Yes -30
No -70

6. Encompassed in the manifesto of both the parties, BJP and Congress, employment holds a strong foot in the 2018 State polls, as per the survey   

Will employment be a factor in the 2018 polls?
Yes -70
No -30

7. The on-going deal, as a part of which India will receive Rafale jets made by Dassault Aviation in a fly-away condition, has drawn complex political controversies, foremost, pertaining to the transitioning of the government from UPA to NDA. However, according to the survey the majority of them believe, the scam will hinder the poll results.   

Will the Rafale Scam be an issue for the electorate? 

Yes -10
No -90

8. The Congress President Rahul Gandhi has bluntly launched attacks on RSS-- from calling their governance 'poisonous' to comparing them with 'Muslim Brotherhood'of Egypt and even accusing RSS for the Sabarimala situation. But it has fetched barely any relevance to the polls. 

Did constant attacks on RSS work in Congress Party's favour?

Yes -10
No -90 

9. Although the manifesto has evolved dramatically to digitisation and technology, the 'Bijli, sadak, pani' (electricity, roads, water) still has 50% significance according to the survey

Was 'Bijli, Sadak, Pani'  an important factor for the electorate?

Yes -50
No -50

10. BJP expelled 53 leaders for six years, causing chaos to the party and according to the survey, some even to the electorate

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Did defections and actions against rebels have a negative impact on BJP?

Yes -60
No -40

11. The soaring and fluctuating prices of petrol have garnered the Centre generous criticism. Affected due to the rising cost of crude oil and high excise duty levied on transportation, the rising fuel does not have a significant impact on the electorate  

Did the rising fuel prices have an impact on the electorate in Madhya Pradesh? 

Yes -55
No -45

12. The hardline Hindu stand on illegal cow slaughter has become a popular conversation in the political spectrum, bringing in opposing views from the liberal and right-wing views. But to voters, the cow politics seems insignificant. 

Did competitive politics over cow impact voter in Madhya Pradesh

Yes -10
No -90

13. BJP's Shivraj Singh Chouhan provided five seers with MoS status, but that decision taken back in April 2018, had almost no impact, considering the survey. 

Did the 'Baba-factor' work positively or negatively in BJP's favour?

Favour -10
Against -5
No impact -85 



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