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WB Health Dept Warns Private & Govt Hospitals Of Strict Action If Patients Denied Admission

wb health dept warns private and govt hospitals of strict action if patients denied admission

Kolkata, Jun 24 (PTI) The West Bengal Health

department has warned both private and state-run hospitals

that strict action will be taken if patients were denied

admission for treatment in the medical facilities.

The state Health department has also cautioned private

hospitals of suspending licences as well as initiating

necessary penal steps if patients were denied admission for


"There have been instances of denial of admission and

services by the private hospitals and patients suffer due to

this lackadaisical attitude of these hospitals. Such denial is

an offence under the West Bengal Clinical Establishments

(Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Act, 2017 and the

West Bengal Clinical Establishment Rules, 2017.

"If any report of denial of admission or services is

received against such private hospital, necessary penal steps

including suspension of licence will be initiated against the

aforesaid hospital," the order issued by the Health department


In another order, the department has said that

necessary disciplinary action would be taken against the

concerned officer of a government hospital if any incident of

denials of admissions was reported

"...if any report of denial of admission/services is

received against any government hospital, necessary

disciplinary action shall be taken against the concerned

officer as per the applicable service rules", the order


The state government has brought in force the West

Bengal Epidemic disease, Covid-19 Regulations, 2020 since

March 16 after COVID-19 was declared as a global pandemic. PTI



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